Dear Valued Patient,

I have for the last 3.5 decades consulted with and treated patients with very complex reproductive problems. During this time, I have been blessed by having been “influential” in the births of about 18,000 babies.  More than 60% of my patients traveled from out of state or journeyed from more than 40 different countries to be treated by me in Las Vegas, NV. Many of my female patients had previously experienced multiple failed IVF attempts and repeated miscarriages. They tended to be somewhat older than the average IVF patient, have diminished ovarian reserve (DOR) or be affected by complex immunologic implantation issues.

I founded Sher Fertility Solutions(SFS) about a year ago.Through SFS I  offer comprehensive online (Skype/Face-time) consultations to patients  that seek my input/advice or wish for me to conduct their IVF treatment.

This is how it works!

  • To set up an online consultation with me, go to where you will find an enrollment form on the home page. Fill this in and forward it online to SFS. Alternatively, email my assistant *(“Concierge”), Patti Converse, at  You can also call Patti at 1-800-780-7437 (if you live in the USA or Canada): or call 702-533-2691 (if you reside elsewhere, abroad)
  • Upon hearing from you, Patti will promptly reach out to schedule a Skype/Face-Time consultation with me and will forward you a questionnaire for completion. You will be asked to complete this as comprehensively as possible and to return it along with available medical records, for my review.A fee of $400.00 will apply.
  • At the time of your online consultation with me, I might recommend additional testing. If so, SFS will gladly assist you in arranging for this to be done.
  • Upon completion of your online consultation, I will forward you a comprehensive written report along with a proposed, detailed treatment plan. On occasion, there will be a need for additional consultations to further discuss your case.
  • I provide all my patients with my personal cell phone # along with an invitation to contact me by phone if you (and/or your partner) feel the need. If I am busy when you call, please leave your name and contact telephone # on my voice-mail and I will return your call promptly.

Ultimately, you will have 2 options:

    • The 1st is to share my consultation report with your local Fertility specialist with whom, upon his/her request, I would be happy to discuss your case.
    • The 2nd, is to avail yourself of my personal hands-on care, which I provide by way of pre-scheduled, batched IVF cycles that I conduct every 3 months at * Los Angeles IVF (LAIVF) CLINIC, Century City, Los Angeles, CA. The dates of such IVF cycle batches are posted on the SFS website. .………MORE ABOUT LAIVF 

Aykut Bayrak MD is the Medical Director at LAIVF Dr. Bayrak is an outstanding RE and is a valued long standing, personal friend with whom  I previously worked hand in hand in Manhattan, NY and in Pasadena, CA, for almost a decade.  I am proud to  once again work closely with him.

I am also pleased to announce that Levent Keskintepe PhD (Embryologist/Genetecist) with whom I have worked closely for 20 years, became the Laboratory Director at LAIVF in January 2020.

Sincerely and with thanks,

Geoffrey Sher MD

Sher Fertility Solutions (SFS)