IVF: How do you decide how many embryos to transfer?

The majority of IVF patients intuitively recognize that the more embryos transferred the greater will be the chance of their getting pregnant. However in their preoccupation with conceiving as quickly as possible they often tend to ignore the serious and Read more

Molar Pregnancy: What is it and How Should it be Treated?

Molar pregnancy or hydatidiform mole — is a benign tumor that occurs in the uterus. It starts when an egg is fertilized, but instead developing into a normal, conceptus + placental tissue, the placenta tissue develops into a mass of Read more

Confronting the real cost of IVF Treatment

There are about 1.0 million infertile couples in the United States, for whom IVF offers the only rational opportunity to have a baby. About 10% of these women (100,000) undergo approximately 150,000 fresh IVF cycles annually. This represents a significant Read more

Why did my IVF fail?

Whenever a patient fails to achieve a pregnancy following embryo transfer (ET), the first question asked is why! Was it simply due to, bad luck?, How likely is the failure to recur in future attempts and what can be done Read more