Cost of IVF Treatment

When considering IVF, cost is a major consideration. Patients tend to compare the cost of treatment at one center with that of another. While it is understandable for cost per IVF procedure to be considered, the focus should rather be Read more

PGS IN IVF: Some embryos that test PGS- chromosomally abnormal can self- correct in the uterus: Are we wrongly discarding embryos that are capable of developing into healthy babies?

Human embryo development occurs through a process that encompasses reprogramming, sequential cleavage divisions and mitotic chromosome segregation and embryonic genome activation. Chromosomal abnormalities may arise during germ cell and/or preimplantation embryo development and represents a major cause of early pregnancy … Read more

Micro-IVF: Often Preferable to Ovarian Stimulation with or Without IUI

Micro-IVF differs from “conventional IVF” in that when performed on younger women (<36Y) who have normal ovarian reserve (AMH=>2.0ng/ml and basal FSH= <9.0MIU/ml) it requires less effort/time/human resources to conduct, This allows for a significant reduction in cost. The beauty … Read more

IVF for Same Sex Couples

Gay, lesbian, or transgender individuals experience the same fears as any individual in the world. One of these is trepidation that they might not be able to have children. In the United States of America, same-sex marriage has been legal … Read more

Sperm DNA Damage- Tests and Interpretation

The Sperm Chromatin Structure Assay (SCSA): A Measure of the Potential of Sperm to Help Propagate a Viable Pregnancy

In about 40% of infertility cases, male factor is the sole cause. In approximately another 40% it is solely a female … Read more