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Over the past three decades, I have met and consulted with tens of thousands of couples seeking treatment for diverse reproductive issues involving infertility and pregnancy loss. The universal thread that I have encountered is people’s hunger for information when … Read more

Unexplained IVF Failure

When confronted with “unexplained” IVF failures where morphologically good embryos were transferred, the question arises as to whether the problem is due to inherent egg/embryo “incompetence” (which usually equates with an irregular chromosomal configuration [aneuploidy]) or whether it is due Read more

Hereditary Clotting Defects (Thrombophilia)

Thrombophilia (Hereditary Clotting Defect) is defined as the genetic predisposition to developing intravascular thrombosis. It is due to hypercoagulability of blood leading to impairment of initial vascularization that takes place during implantation.

Thrombophilia affects as many as one in five Read more

IVF: The Economic Realities

Patrick Steptoe and Robert Edwards were responsible for the birth of the world’s 1st IVF baby, Louise Brown, in 1978. Since then about 4 million babies have been born worldwide, and the number is growing fast. The introduction of Read more