Optimizing Access to Sher-IVF, Las Vegas from Afar

“Over the years Sher-IVF has performed IVF on many patients that often journeyed from as far away as, France, South America, China, Europe, Africa, Central/South America, Canada, Japan, the Middle East, Russia, etc. Almost all have been surprised at the Read more

How can stress affect IVF?

There is little doubt that stress and emotional lability plays a role in the normal physiological/hormonal regulation of the menstrual cycle. After all, Eskimos often stop ovulating and menstruating during long dark winters, young women confronted by a major emotional … Read more

How Old is Too Old to Do IVF Using Your Own Eggs?

There is little doubt that age is a very important determinant of IVF outcome.  This is mainly because a woman’s eggs undergo deterioration in quality as her age advances to and beyond her mid 30’s.  Remember, eggs have been in … Read more