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Sher-IVF Success Rate

Given rapidly changing practices in the IVF arena, it is becoming increasingly implausible to reliably interpret current national reports expressing IVF outcome statistics as birth rate per initiated treatment cycle, per egg retrieval procedure or per embryo transfer procedure performed…AND … Read more

Confronting the real cost of IVF Treatment

There are about 1.0 million infertile couples in the United States, for whom IVF offers the only rational opportunity to have a baby. About 10% of these women (100,000) undergo approximately 150,000 fresh IVF cycles annually. This represents a significant Read more

Cost of IVF Treatment

When considering IVF, cost is a major consideration. Patients tend to compare the cost of treatment at one center with that of another. While it is understandable for cost per IVF procedure to be considered, the focus should rather be Read more