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Cyclical Estrogen Therapy Prior to Embryo Transfer, in Post-Menopausal Women and those with Prolonged Hypothalamic Amenorrhea can Reduce the Chance of Failed IVF and Miscarriage

An absence of menstruation (amenorrhea) in reproductive age women is usually due to an absence of ovulation (anovulation). If this becomes prolonged, then these women are at risk for the ill effects associated from chronically low estrogen levels (hypoestrogenemia).   Specifically, … Read more

Does Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) Improve IVF Success?

“I am in full agreement with researchers at Cambridge University in the United Kingdom who following a recent published a report on their observation that FET enhances IVF outcome, stated that this could represent one of the most “exciting” IVF Read more

Performing Embryo Transfer: The “Process”

Embryo transfer (ET) is undoubtedly a rate limiting factor in IVF. The IVF doctor’s expertise in performing ET is one of the most important factors determining IVF outcome. It requires the dexterity, skill, and gentle touch that can only truly … Read more

IVF: Selecting the Best Quality Embryos to Transfer

The numerical chromosomal configuration of a cell is referred to as its karyotype or ploidy. A cell with an irregular chromosome number is referred to as aneuploid while one with a normal karyotype, as euploid. It is predominantly (but not Read more