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The Causes of Infertility

Neither sex contributes more heavily than the other to infertility problems. Roughly one‑third of all infertile couples can trace their infertility to the woman, one‑third to the man, and one‑third to both partners. In practice this means that in >50% … Read more

Vegas Baby Documentary

I am very proud to be featured in a new documentary film, VEGAS BABY, which follows several of my patients gambling on infertility treatment and the emotional, physical and financial costs involved.  Amanda Micheli, the director, has struggled with infertility … Read more

Embryo Transfer: The “Holy Grail” of IVF.

Embryo transfer (ET) is undoubtedly a rate limiting factor in IVF. Unquestionably, the IVF doctor’s expertise in performing ET as one of the most important factors that will determine IVF outcome. It takes confidence, dexterity, skill, gentility and above all, … Read more

Egg Banking: Preserving Fertility in Female Cancer Patients

It is only through propagation of our biological offspring that we as humans can leave a lasting legacy of our existence. Perhaps this explains why the desire to have children is a basic human instincts and why an inability to … Read more