I will, effective March 2020 no longer personally be conducting hands-on IVF.

As you are aware, until very recently, I have been personally treating patients as well as performing their  IVF-related procedures. But there is a season for all things. Thus ,I  have decided to step away from performing  hands-on treatment and  have elected to recommend to my patients that they undergo IVF treatment with my esteemed associate and close friend, Aykut Bayrak MD,  at LA-IVF, 2080 Century Park East, Century City, Los Angeles, CA 9006.  As has always been the case with me in the past, treatment with Dr Bayrak at  LA-IVF will require your spending no more than 7-14 days in West Los Angeles at a pre-designated time and with advanced notice.

About LA-IVF: Dr. Bayrak is an outstanding RE with whom I worked hand in hand in NY and LA for about a decade during his tenure with me at Sher Institutes for Reproductive Medicine (SIRM).  I chose to work with Dr. Bayrak because of his clinical prowess, his outstanding standard of care (and caring) and due to the fact that when it comes to the practice of IVF and related procedures, he and I have grown to think and act very much alike. Moreover, Dr. Bayrak has undertaken and committed to apply my recommendations as well as the protocols I prescribe. You can also be assured that I will make myself available to the entire LA-IVF team with regard to the implementation of your treatment, every step along the way..

Another strong incentive for me to work with LA-IVF is that Levent Keskintepe PhD, recently joined the LAI-VF team as Chief embryologist.  I originally (about 20 years ago) recruited Dr. Keskintepe to manage all the IVF laboratories at multiple Sher Institutes for Reproductive Medicine (SIRM) located throughout the United States. Ever since, he and I have worked hand-in-hand and together in 2006 developed and introduced preimplantation genetic testing- PGT (currently used in >4,000IVF centers worldwide). We since, published numerous articles on this important advance, which proudly has greatly improved IVF outcomes universally.

If you are interested in having me involved in your treatment at LAIVF, please contact my assistant, Patti Converse by email at or by phone (702-533-2691).

Geoff Sher