Dear Valued Patient,

As you are aware, it was my expressed intent through the establishment of Sher Fertility Solutions (SFS), to restrict my future medical activity to Skype/Facetime-online, consultations without performing hands-on IVF procedures. However, since the creation of SFS, I have had so many requests from patients to personally perform their IVF procedures, that I have now decided to offer limited access to my hands-on medical services, beginning in September 2019.

Accordingly, I have arranged with Dr. Aykut Bayrak, an outstanding RE who has an excellent IVF program, (LAIVF), located in Century City, West Los Angeles, CA; to use his clinical facility, as well as his administrative and embryology teams, to provide me with an opportunity to perform hands-on IVF treatments on my own patients. Dr. Bayrak, is a long standing, very close and valued, personal friend of mine. In fact, he and I previously worked hand in hand at Sher Institutes for Reproductive Medicine (SIRM) in Manhattan, NY and in Pasadena, CA, for several years.

I am therefore pleased to inform you that starting September 16th, 2019, I will be spending a few weeks at a time, conducting “batched” pre-scheduled IVF procedures, 3-4 times per year at LAIVF.

Aside from this adjustment to the SFS agenda, nothing else will change regarding my expressed intent/eagerness /willingness/commitment to preferentially refer patients back to their own, chosen RE’s for IVF treatment.

Please inform my assistant, Patti Converse  (PH:702-533-2691; Email:  if you wish to be placed on a list for IVF with me for my upcoming  IVF cycles (commencing September, 16th & December 9th, respectively).

If you have as yet, not had an initial consultation with SFS, please have Patti arrange for this to take place.

Sincerely and with thanks,

Geoffrey Sher MD

Sher Fertility Solutions (SFS)