Dear Friends and Patients,

I and my partner (of 32 years) Ghanima Maassarani, Dr.Med, founded the Sher Institute for Reproductive Medicine (SIRM) in Las Vegas, NV about 20 years ago. Over the ensuing 16 years, we went on to establish additional SIRM centers in CA, TX, MO, NY, IL, & NJ. In 2014, SIRM was acquired by IntegraMed whereupon I agreed to stay on as an independent contractor for a period of time. My tenure will be expiring after completion of my March 2019 IVF cycle, whereupon I will stay on for 1-4 weeks into April so as to service the needs of those patients who recently completed their treatment cycle with me.

The secret to success following treatment of infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL)has much more to do with thorough evaluation and planning of individualized and strategic treatment strategy than it has to do with technical expertise (e.g. egg retrieval and embryo transfer), which most physicians are very adept in doing having gained the technical expertise during their training. Successful treatment has far more to do with “planning the trip” than “taking the ride”.

I have for the last 3.5 decades consulted with and treated patients with very complex reproductive problems. More than 60% have traveled from out of state or journeyed from about 40 different countries to be treated by me in Las Vegas. They had often experienced multiple failed IVF attempts elsewhere or repeated miscarriages and they tended to be much older than average, have very diminished ovarian reserve or complex immunologic implantation issues. Now, after having been influential in the births of about 18,000 babies, it is time for me to move on and share my experience with the many patients who are unable to travel to Las Vegas for treatment with me.

I will be leaving  SIRM-LV in April 2019 to set up “Sher-Fertility Solutions (SFS)” through which I will I will continue to offer comprehensive 1 hour long Skype consultations to those of you that wish to have my guidance. Your SKYPE consultation will be followed by a detailed written report and treatment plan, which you can also share with your personal Fertility Physician. Conversely, I gladly will recommend one to you, upon request.


  • To set up an hour long SKYPE consultation with me, go to where you will find an enrollment form on the home page. Fill this in and forward it online. Alternatively, email me at


  • You can also call 1-800-780-7437 (if you live in the USA or Canada): or call 1-702-533-2691 (if you reside elsewhere/abroad)


  • Upon hearing from you, my office will contact you to set up your Skype consultation with me and will promptly send you a questionnaire for completion along with the request that you forward available medical records for my review.


  • We will then set up your 1 hour Skype consultation with me  at which time I will probably recommend additional tests and will assist in arranging for this to be done. Upon receiving the results of these, I will review them thoroughly.


  • This will be followed by a second, follow-up Skype consultation (at no charge) to discuss a proposed plan of action,whereupon I will generate a written report along with a recommended treatment plan and will forward this to you.


  • I will then try to refer you to a conveniently located Fertility Specialist whom I endorse and would be willing to discuss the proposed treatment strategy with him/her.


  • Keep in mind that the implementation of your treatment will in the final analysis be the sole responsibility of the treating Physician. There are in most cases, decisions and adjustments that are needed. Thus, in  the final analyses it is to him/her that all decisions are to be deferred.

I truly believe that there is no greater blessing than to be born into a preordained role and thereupon have the good fortune of spending every single working day fulfilling that “mission”. But no individual can alone achieve true success. It invariably requires a dedicated team…… And it is to the many teams of loyal, talented and dedicated, physicians, nurses and embryologists with whom I have been so fortunate to work with over 37 years that I have been able to be influential in the births of >18,000 babies conceived through ART, that much of the credit must go. It was their selfless contributions, and unwavering loyalty/trust that made this journey so successful, exhilarating and incredibly meaningful. 

There are however, two wonderful ladies who warrant special recognition and mention. They are my wife (of 50 years) Charlene and my partner/confidant and friend (of >30 years), Ghanima Maassarani Dr. Med without whose love, friendship, encouragement, unwavering loyalty/dedication and support, little of value could have been accomplished…. and to them goes my unconditional love and undying gratitude.

Finally, to you, my patients, who over a 35y career in the fertility arena, have placed your trust and belief in me …you will always have my enduring gratitude.

With sincere appreciation and thanks!

Geoffrey Sher MD