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Embryo Transfer: The “Holy Grail” of IVF.

Embryo transfer (ET) is undoubtedly a rate limiting factor in IVF. Unquestionably, the IVF doctor’s expertise in performing ET as one of the most important factors that will determine IVF outcome. It takes confidence, dexterity, skill, gentility and above all, … Read more

Testing for Immunologic Implantation Dysfunction (IID): Who Should be Tested, Where Should Testing be Done and How should results be interpreted?

Unless tests for immunologic implantation dysfunction (IID) immunologic implantation dysfunction are performed correctly and conducted by a one of the few reliable reproductive immunology reference laboratory in the United States, treatment will likely be unsuccessful. . In this regard … Read more

IVF Pregnancies and Why They Bear a Greater Risk

While most IVF pregnancies will progress normally and without any increased risk to mother or baby, there is little doubt that women who conceive in this manner as well as their babies are potentially at increased risk. In fact, women Read more