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Cost of IVF Treatment

When considering IVF, cost is a major consideration. Patients tend to compare the cost of treatment at one center with that of another. While it is understandable for cost per IVF procedure to be considered, the focus should rather be Read more

IVF Failure and Implantation Dysfunction: The Role of Endometrial Thickness, Uterine Pasthology and Immunologic Factors

The considerable emotional, physical and financial burden associated with infertility treatment in general and with IVF in specific, demand that factors known to affect outcome be identified and regulated prior to initiating treatment.

Just as a successful garden needs a Read more

Immunologic Implantation Dysfunction (IID)

An important cause of unexplained Infertility, unexplained IVF failure and Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL).

Healthy embryo implantation is one of the key factors that determines successful procreation. About 15-20% of the time, infertility and miscarriage is in part or completely Read more

Endometriosis & IVF

Endometriosis involves the growth of the uterine lining (endometrium) on pelvic structures outside of the uterus. With mild, early ( Stage 1) endometriosis these endometrial deposits  grow on  pelvic structures with little, if any, visible evidence of anatomical distortion that … Read more